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Luxury Bathroom Heritage House Restoration


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You can find out more about our architect-designed Luxury Homes.  How do you find the best person to help you get your Dream Home?  So that you too can have your own Luxury Home?  Learn about the difference between an Architect and a draftsperson/building designer.

If you want a luxury home, you want to know that it is a safe and healthy home.  For instance, are chemicals from building materials a problem?  Moreover, can buildings make you sick?  Also, how do you find out if you are suffering from Sick Building Syndrome?

Is it because of this reason that you become sick after moving into your new home?  Besides, how do you know if you have good indoor air quality in your home?  Importantly, what is a sick home?  Furthermore, how do you have a home that lets you live the healthy lifestyle that you want?  Find answers to these and other questions on sick homes and sick building syndrome in the blog posts.

Do you have a home office?  Or do you work from home?  How do you make your home office your wellness haven?  Also, how do you get the best productivity from working in your home office?  Read about practical tips to jazz up your home office while saving your environment.

Magazine articles on beautiful, sustainable homes designed by BP Architects.  Such as the eco-home in Sunbury – an affordable, eco-friendly house that has low energy and water bills.  Think of the cost savings over time.  Also the Strawbale home in Mirboo, that has no energy Bills.  Even better!

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