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Announcing the Best Award for Building Services


BP Architects wins Business Award for Excellence.


BP Architects are the recipients of a Business Award for Business Excellence. They announced at the Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Excellence in Business Awards.  The Award taken out by BP Architects is for Business Excellence in Building Services.  This Business Excellence Award is for BP Architects architectural work in environmentally sustainable residential design.

The Minister for Small Business,  the Hon. Bruce Billson MP. presented the Business Award to Bridget Puszka, BP Architects, at a gala dinner.  At the Awards ceremony, Frankston Mayor Cr. Sandra Mayer & the Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Cr. Lynn Bowden with over 200 guests attending.

BP Architects were also finalists for another Business Award.  The Award for Environmental Sustainability.  The Awards judges stated that

“Bridget Puszka’s architectural designs are innovative, contemporary and environmentally sustainable. Her 20 years of experience is supported by an extensive list of qualifications that supports projects internationally and locally. She is to be commended on her success in developing a successful niche business in a field that can be highly competitive”.


You can learn more about how we create our client’s architect house designsSee what makes BP Architects the right architect to design Sustainable homes.

About BP Architects

Bridget Puszka is the Founder and Owner of BP Architects.  It started in Langwarrin in the year 2000.  In 2005, BP Architects opened a St Kilda office.  BP Architects is the recipient of many industries and business awards in recognition of their work.

BP Architects’ reputation grows for innovative, contemporary and environmentally sustainable architectural designs. They are recognized for their excellence in this architecture field — winning Awards for sustainability and energy building efficiency in architectural design.  And many Business Awards for sustainable business practices.

BP Architects remains committed to designing green homes.  Luxury green homes.  Homes that use little energy in the household.  And generate its power for use in the house.


Frankston South Home designed by BP Architects

Maryjean and Shekhar commissioned BP Architects to create the retrofit of the Frankston South home.  Bridget, Director and senior architect at BP Architects, collaborated with them to design the home of their dreams.

The Awards Juror visited the Frankston South home.  This visit to the house was part of their assessment and judging process for the Awards.  On entering the home, the first thing the Juror said was ‘Wow’.  He could feel the fresh cooling breezes drawn through the house.  Cool breezes naturally cooled from the plants in the garden are directed through the house.  As a consequence, these breezes brought through the house cool the home in summer.

The Owners of the house were resourceful in sourcing building materials.  For this reason, second hand and salvaged materials we included in the home design.

They also reused demolition materials from their home, such as the kitchen cupboards.  They remodelled their old kitchen cupboards into a new kitchen layout that better suited them.  And the old kitchen doors were repainted, with second-hand marble benchtops installed.

Neighbours who visited the home said that they must have spent millions’.  On the contrary, the Frankston South’s renovation required a small budget, which makes it an affordable retrofit for MaryJean and Shekhar.

You can learn more about how we create our client’s architect house design.  See what makes BP Architects the right architect to design your home.

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Frankston South Home. Renovated on a budget using second hand and salvaged materials.