Mayor’s Letter of Appreciation For All the Right Reasons

Special thank you from the Mayor of  City of Port Phillip

The City of Port Phillip is the local government council located south of Melbourne.  The size of the Council is over 20 square kilometres.  There is a population of over 100,000 people within the city.

Port Phillip has retail, entertainment and leisure precincts.  Also, there are business district and warehouse and manufacturing districts.  The council has offices in the St Kilda, Port Melbourne and South Melbourne town halls.

There are several council-run facilities, including local libraries, child care centres and community centres—also the parks and playgrounds in the city.


Sustainable Environment Community Reference Committee (SECRC)

The Sustainable Environment Community Reference Committee’s (SECRC) principal responsibility lay in two parts.  First, it was to advise Port Phillip City Council on developing and implementing its environmental strategy.  Second, to contribute to shared learning and activity.  These contributions and advice were primarily to address ecological issues-particularly climate change.

Bridget Puszka, from BP Architects, was a community member of this committee for the City of Port Phillip for ten years.  She was involved in the development of the Soc’s and Blocks program.  As a member of SECRC, Bridget advised on several Council’s Plans.  They include the Plans and Strategies for Climate Adaptation, Water, Sustainable Transport, Bike, Walk and the Greenhouse Plan.



Cr. Rachel Powning is the former Mayor of the City of Port Phillip.  You can read The Mayor’s letter of appreciation below.  From Rachel’s LinkedIn account, she currently is the General Manager at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre.


BP Architects in the City of Port Phillip

Bridget Puszka is the founding Owner and Senior Project Architect at BP Architects.  BP Architects is a local architectural service in the City of Port Phillip.  We have offices in St Kilda and Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia.  You can learn more about our architectural services and how we can help you with your architect house designIf you are planning your new home or home renovation, contact BP Architects to find out how we can help you with your architect house design.


To read the Letter from the Mayor of the City of Port Phillip click on the image below.

City of Port Phillip